If you have oily skin, you may be familiar with the shine, greasy texture, and breakouts. But don't blame the foods you're eating. There is no data to show that you will produce more oil if you consume things that are more oil-based. The fact is that people who have oily skin were probably born that way. There is not much they did to get it and there is not much they can do to prevent it.

Oily Skin Care Dos

The good news is there are several ways to care for oily skin, experts say:

  • Wash with salicylic acid: there are many over the counter face washes available for you to choose from. All you need is to find the right one that suits your skin best. These cleaners contain salicylic acid penetrate into the pores and help remove fats that clog the pores and lead to blackheads.
  • Use oil-free foundations. To avoid creating more of a shine and potentially clogging pores, make sure your foundation is oil-free or gel based. Use a powder blush instead of a cream formula for the same reasons.
  • Use blotting paper. Washing your face during the day can be difficult, especially for women who wear makeup. Instead, dermatologists recommend blotting paper. You can absorb the extra oil without washing your face, and they are not irritating to the skin. Paper towels can be substituted in a pinch, but blotting paper is better because it contains a small amount of powder, which evens out skin colour.

Oily Skin Care Don'ts

Knowing what not to do can be just as important as knowing how to properly care for your oily skin. Experts weigh in on what to avoid:

  • Don't use creamy or milk cleansers. "These types of cleansers deposit unnecessary lipids — oils — on the skin, which can make you feel even oilier," says Baumann. Better to stick with salicylic acid or glycolic cleansers, or gentle liquid cleansers such as Cetaphil.
  • Don't moisturize. Even better than searching for the perfect oil-free moisturizer is ditching this step altogether. Instead, use a gel or serum with anti-aging ingredients.
  • Don't rely on SPF powders. Most sunscreens are formulated in oil preparations that feel and look greasy, so for people with oily skin, SPF (skin protection factor) powders are tempting. But Baumann warns: "They do not have enough SPF, even if it says so on the label. To get the SPF stated on the label, you'd need to use 15 times the amount of powder you would normally use."
  • Don't over wash. Oily skin isn't a hygiene problem, so extra cleansing isn't the answer. Washing your face twice a day is enough to get rid of the dirt and other irritants. If you feel that your face is getting too oily or dirty during the day; you can always wash it with water to remove dirt or use tissue to soak up that extra oil on your face.

How you care for your skin is very important. With the right care and above steps I am sure your skin will be glowing with health in no time.

Healthy skin equals beautiful skin.