You should be wise with your spendings and this applies to most wedding couples. That doesn’t mean you should go for simpler weddings, though. Instead, you can infuse your weddings with elegance while sticking to a reasonable budget. Here are few tips on how you can accomplish this....

1. Save money with the right wedding date. 

If you’re not flexible on the high-end touches you want for your wedding, save some money by getting married at an off-peak date/time instead. Avoid the weekends, evenings, and prime wedding months and you could save a bundle on your venue and your services because vendors are looking to fill their slower times.

2. Do your best to keep the guest list under control. 

The easiest way to make your wedding budget stretch is to limit the number of guests you’re inviting. The fewer the guests, the more you’ll be able to spend per person and the more you’ll have left for services other than food and beverage.

3. Think outside the box on your reception meal. 

You can save a ton on food and beverage if you opt for something other than a formal dinner. Consider a brunch or tea time wedding, or even an evening wedding where you serve cocktail-style food or have an elaborate dessert bar rather than a full meal. You won’t have to skimp on the quality of the food if you cut down on the quantity.

4. Consider renting your attire. 

This isn’t for all couples, but everyone from the happy couple to their wedding party can rent their attire and save up to thousands of rupees. Search for wedding attire rentals online and you may be surprised at the numerous options available to you.

5. Invest in a few noticeable wedding services.

If you can’t afford to go all-out on the elegance throughout your entire wedding, choose a few of the most important elements to you and your spouse and invest the bulk of your budget in those. Maybe you want amazing lighting or floral, for example, or perhaps the venue itself is more important.

6. Borrow or buy another couple’s wedding items. 

There are websites and local social media groups with couples willing to give away or sell their used wedding items for lower prices than you’d find them elsewhere. No one has to know that the elegant wedding décor you’re using isn’t new !