Your Weddings should be full of Happiness, Love and a lots of Humor ! To keep everyone Happy and stress-free, we all need a little Humor. Its sugar and spice that makes everything so nice ! So, during your Pheras, just silently listen to your Pandit Ji and do every thing as per the Riti-Rivaz but once the ritual is over, quirk up your wedding to the next level with these hilarious Promises. Or you could even say them loud on your Reception/Cocktail night (only after a few drinks!)

Groom To Bride

1. I won't complain if you'll make me watch 'P.S. - I Love You' for the 19th time.

2. I'll not look at other women in your presence. We'll look at them together.

3. I will always lift the toilet seat up.

4. I'll pretend to be patient when you're trying to perfect your winged eyeliner for 2 hours.

5. I'll understand the difference between Ruby Woo and Russian Red. I swear, I will do it!

6. I promise to trust you even if we deviate from our grocery lists, GPS navigation or life goals!

7. I'll kiss you really hard even when you're old and wrinkly.


Bride To Groom 

1. I'll try to make round chappatis for you.

2. I'll not snap at you even if you bring the dirty shoes inside for the 19th time.

3. I'll let you have the last slice of the pizza. Okay, maybe half of it.

4. I'll believe you when you say nice things about me. And I'll try not kill you with my sarcasm.

5. I'll try to understand the difference between a free-kick and a penalty for you.

6. I'll bear with your stupid mistakes and careless macho attempts for a while because I know inside all this, you're still a little baby!

7. You would always be my Tall, Dark and Handsome.. Okay, maybe not that tall and not that handsome. But definitely mine!

This is definitely one of the coolest ways to make your wedding more fun! And just in case, you are not comfortable in saying the vows, you can always put them on display for people to read! We hope you will try it out in your wedding or suggest your friends to do so.