1. “We have not invested much on the decoration but my daughter told me that you are a fantastic photographer. Can you put some nice flower decoration on each photo to make it look nice? Put some rich one no please.” 

2. “Bhaiya can you photoshop the hair of my fiance. He shouldn’t look bald ” (even though the guy has no hair on his head!!)

3.  I once got asked to fit one person in an image who could not make it. This was after they gave me a 4X6 print and asked to put the guy from it into the image. 

4. “My family has very fat arms, can you photoshop our arms so they don’t look as fat in the photos” 

5. “Please change the color of my lehenga from peach to orange. The designer made it peach by mistake but I think you can photoshop it right?” and ” Can you change the reception lighting in the photos from red to blue?”

6.   “My eyes are shut in this photo. Can you photoshop them so that they are open”

7. “This picture looks good. Can you put him(the groom) next to me , smiling?” – from a bride–to-be who saw her just clicked picture while she was getting ready.

I can't stop laughing.... What about you... :D ;-)

This one was the best ---

“Hello, is this Aditya Mendiratta Photography clinic?”