The Best Trips are always Unplanned, Random & Spontaneous.

This Blog is for those people, who don’t think before booking those air tickets, packing their bags and head to fabulous places outside India & for those too who want to explore new places around the world.

Expand your horizons a little this summer & go for these 8 Countries that Offer Visa on Arrival.

We are listing some + points like what’s all good about these places from which you can make up your mind to choose the place you wana go.



* Casino Hopping – Also called as Vegas of Asia. People who like to gamble this place is for you. There are thirty-three casinos in Macau, of which the biggest is “The Venetian Macao”

* Food Hunting - Macau will definitely have something amazing to satisfy your taste buds. You will put on extra kgs after the trip for sure.

Taipa Village - A charming enclave that houses rows of rustic Chinese/Portuguese restaurants and shops

Ruins of St Paul’s

Kun Iam Statue - The Kun Iam Statue is a bronze statue of the Goddess of Mercy that stands at 20 metres tall

Macau Tower - Standing at 338 metres tall & you can also try the world’s second highest bungee jump at 233 metres.

The Bridges of Macau



The Komodo Dragons

Food & Coffee - You can literally eat for days in Indonesia and always be trying something new.

Mount Bromo and other Volcanoes - Indonesia is located in what is called “the Pacific rim of fire” which is one of the most active volcanic areas in the world.

Beaches - With over 17,000 islands, gorgeous beaches, water sports like surfing, parasailing, banana boat etc.




Explore The Beaches, Islands & Lagoons

Street Food - Mauritian Street Food is amongst the best in the world

Drive Around - Hire A Car

Visit Tea Plantations

Explore Chamarel - a small village known for its colourful sand.

Unique Water Sports



Shark Sanctuary

Screensaver Scenery’s

Beaches With Clear Blue Waters

Sensational Spas

Elite Resorts

Surfing Spot

Water Sports

Under Water Experience’s



It’s is a traveller’s dream destination having Untouched Beaches.

People - who are very kind, generous, hospitable & open-minded.

Angkor Wat temple - certainly the most iconic temple in Cambodia.

Food & Markets.



The Land of Temples

Amazing Street Food

Fabulous Luxury Hotels

Water Sports


Shopper’s Paradise

Most importantly It’s Very Cheap

& one more thing it’s one of the quintessential bachelor getaways.. sshhh... ;-))



Exotic beach destination – Serene, Pristine & Un-crowded Beaches

Underwater Wonders


National Monuments,




Haven For Mountaineers

Great Peaks Of The World

Amazing Weather (Throughout The Year)

A Living Cultural Museum

Momo’s Mania - Tibetan Style Dumplings

Hundreds Of Masterpiece Temples And Stupas.


Well I guess the options are more than enough to choose from. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head out for an amazing vacation. 

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